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March 18, 2005



I heard about his MRM demo, it sounds ace.

I haven't seen the show as I have no access to a television, but it sounds sound like good TV. Let's hope that something, somewhere changes.

On this note, it has always frustrated me that there is no way to purchase any form of beverage at university after 5pm unless it is Coke or some other fizzy drink. Why no water in the vending machines?

Emma Dawes

I used to think he was a twat and I have since revised my opinion of him too. I accidentally started to watch his new programme and found myself to be astonished by these kids. No wonder Britain is in a mess if kids are growing up on pot noodles and nothing but crisps for lunch. It's great to see him so passionate about healthy eating. I hope the Government use this to change school dinners permanently. We can only hope..

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