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August 01, 2005



you forgot about the positive side to some of these.

taking the bus or the train rather than driving reduces congestion, meaning everybody else can get to work quicker (including the buses).

cycling is also good exercise, 50 minutes a day of cycling should make you have bionic legs in no time. cycling also reduces the overcrowding on the bus and train, leaving room for 1 extra car driver, so people are more likely to give up driving. or something. the same is true for walking, but i don't think that is very clever.

tom smith

yes, i totally forgot to mention this because to me, it goes without saying. my favourite way to get to work is cycling, and i am surprised by the number of people at work (everyone) who reacts with shock when i tell them i have arrived by bike, as if i travelled from london or something. my legs are quite tuned, the rest of me needs a little work though.

a couple of extra buses, or some extra carriages on the trains, wouldn't go amiss. i think less overcrowding would get even more people onto public transport.

tom smith

i worked out the average door to door speeds, including walking time:

bus - 5 to 12mph
train - 12mph
bicycle - 8.5mph
walking - 3.75mph
car - 8.5 to 15 mph

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