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January 11, 2012


Best washer and dryer site

Hey, good job with the repair. 100£ are a lot of money. Nice photos here in your blog, keep it up!

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I struck the jackpot and got £6.52 in coins.

Brooke Harris

It surely looks a lot of work, but you managed to pull it through. It is good that you can fix the problem with your washing machine. It can be handy, when emergency quick fix of minor problems like a blocked filter that you encountered was needed. But, if the problem like that persisted or became worst, I think it would be best to call on the expert.

Nancy Thomas

Washing machine must have been the best thing ever invented for our mothers.

Rose Carney

While I want myself to believe that washing machines live longer, I could not. There are many reasons why I don’t believe this.

Vancouver appliance repair

Hi guys,

You want to maintain your washing machine for the longer lives.I recommend you to visit the Vancouverappliancerepair.com

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